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Museum of KretingaTHE MOST VALUABLE MATERIAL and spiritual cultural treasures of Kretinga and the surrounding areas are preserved in the Museum of Kretinga.

The museum was founded in 1935 by the initiative of a school inspector Juozas Zilvitis.

At the beginning, the main fund was made up of the founder’s personal collection. 

In the Museum of KretingaThe first exhibition was held in July 12, 1935.

For a long time the museum was located in a small one-storied house.


In 1977 the largest and most complete exhibition was opened in the newly restored early XVII century architectural monument–the Franciscan monastery building.


In 1992 the museum was moved to the count Tiskevicius’ estate in Kretinga, which was built in the XIX century.

In the fifty years of its existence some 36,700 exhibits were collected. Curators I. Jablonskis and J. Mickevicius were especially involved in the preservation of our country’s cultural inheritance.

The museum in Kretinga is located near such mayor tourist centers as Klaipeda and Palanga. Travelers alwMuseum of Kretingaays have a possibility to visit this historical estate. In the glass-enclosed premises, exotic plants from all over the world grow and blossom, in the halls throughout. The estate’s interior has been fully restored. Visitors can see unique archeological finds , old wooden sculpture and paintings.

The XIX–XX century park surrounding the estate was known as one of the most beautiful parks in western Lithuania. It is visited by a lot of visitors.

The romantic traveler will have a chance to walk among hundred-years-old oaks or lime tree and chestnut alleys, to go for a walk around the lake, and to ponder by the Stone of Love.

In the winter garden, there is a bar called „Pas Grafa”. Its unique environment, music, flowing cascades leave an ever lasting impression.

The administration of the museum is doing everything to bring back the previous beauty of the estate and the park in Kretinga. 


Some displays from the Kretinga Museum

Moters portretas. A. Krasny - Shidlowski 1904 m.

Items from 9th- 13th century

Saint George, 19th century

Vaza 1861 m. Peterburgas

Amber adornments, 4-2 millennium BC

Gintarinis kaušelis IX - XIII a.

Mergaites biustas. Florencija, Italija

Moters kostiumo rekonstrukcija. VIII - IX a.

Pieta, 19th century


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